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About Me

Like most members of Generation X (those Americans born between approximately 1964 and 1981) I’ve enjoyed a diverse career – one that has included the following occupations:

  • Manager of North American Learning & Development for an International IT Consulting Firm
  • College Professor
  • Professional Stage Actor
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach
  • President of Clear Ideas Consulting and now Marathon Leadership®, LLC

Rather than being a hindrance, this varied professional background gives me a broad range of experiences from which to draw. So does my varied educational background, which includes a M.A. in Performing Arts from Emerson College in Boston and a Ph.D. in Human Communication Studies from the University of Denver.

With over 25 years of experience in the corporate boardroom and the university classroom, my passion is helping clients improve themselves and their organizations through the practical application of the most current research findings in the areas of communication, management, leadership, and organizational development.

During that time I have worked with local, national, and international organizations and governments in nearly all areas of organizational learning and development, including:

  • Designing, Implementing, Facilitating, and Measuring the Success of Employee Training Sessions.
  • Facilitating Organizational Strategy Sessions for C-level Executives and Board Members.
  • Coaching C-level Executives and High-potential Employees on Leadership Effectiveness.
  • Implementing Succession Plans.
  • Creating Employee and Leadership Development Programs.
  • Guiding Corporate Restructuring Efforts.
  • Starting Mentoring Programs.
  • Developing and Overseeing Performance Management Systems.
  • Serving as an External Mediator for Employee Relations Situations.

For a list of my clients — Fortune 500 companies, organizations, governments & government agencies, and professional groups & associations — click here.

Why Marathon Leadership?

This publicity photo from the Publick Theatre in Boston remains one of my favorites from my days as an actor.
Delivering a keynote address at one of my alma maters.
Celebrating with my father, sister, and brother after finishing the 2014 Space Coast Marathon - my 52nd full marathon that year to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association in honor of my mother, who passed away from early onset Alzheimer's.

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