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Individual Coaching

I’ve come to believe that the most rewarding work I do is one-on-one coaching with professionals seeking more individualized attention than I can provide in traditional group training settings. My one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted in person or virtually (via Skype) – and can focus on specific leadership issues you’re dealing with or take a more broad approach by strengthening your overall communication and leadership behaviors. Regardless of the medium or focus, all of my coaching interactions are built upon the following four steps:

1. An Initial Conversation to Determine Our Compatibility and to Discuss Your Reasons for Wanting One-on-One Coaching

(Both the coach and coachee must feel comfortable with each other.)

2. A Review of Recent 360 Data or Feedback You May Have – or the Completion of an Assessment (or Assessments) to Provide Benchmark Data

(I use a variety of assessments, depending on your individual goals and/or needs. These include the R.A.N.™ Model of Performance Management Survey, the EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment, and the Everything DiSC Profile.)

3. A Coaching Plan Based on the Results of the Assessment(s)

(Setting clearly defined goals and expectations based on the benchmark data is crucial for success.)

4. A Package of Coaching Sessions Using the Most Appropriate Technique(s) for the Situation

(This may include shadowing work, journaling, case-study analysis, role plays, etc.)

Whether you’re a C-level executive looking to stay on top or a high-potential employee ready to take your career to the next level, I know I can help you achieve your individual goals. So if you’re ready to get started, please email me or give me a call at (720) 480-3161.

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