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Organizational Development

I love facilitating classroom training sessions and engaging in one-on-one coaching with individuals. But I also enjoy doing broader organizational-development work – especially in smaller organizations, where I can have a large impact on their structure and culture. The following are just a few examples of the work I’ve done for clients in this area:

  • Facilitated Organizational Strategy Sessions for the C-level Executives and Board Members of a Silicon Valley Start Up
  • Implemented a Formal Succession Plan for One of the Largest Divisions in an International Telecommunications Corporation
  • Created and Launched an Employee and Leadership Development Program for an International Software Company
  • Started a Mentoring Program for a Regional Bank
  • Guided the Corporate Restructuring Efforts of a National Financial Institution and an International Internet Provider
  • Developed and/or Overhauled Performance Management Systems for Numerous Financial and Technology Organizations

If you have any questions – or are interested in my OD consulting services – please email me or give me a call at (720) 480-3161.